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45Room 1 Assembly678Interschool Cross Country - Thomas Oval910
1819Room 2 Assembly20Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse Perform21Pyjama Day222324
25262728Father's Day Raffle & Stall29Netball Comp. "Big Day Out"3031

Aug 06

Room 1 Assembly

Aug 09

Interschool Cross Country - Thomas Oval

Aug 20

Room 2 Assembly

Aug 21

Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse Perform

Aug 22

Pyjama Day

Aug 29

Father's Day Raffle & Stall

Aug 30

Netball Comp. "Big Day Out"

Sep 02

Book Week commences

Sep 03

Room 9 Assembly

Sep 04

Big Dreams Incursion

Sep 04

Dress Up Book Parade

Sep 04

Book Fair Commences

Sep 06

Book Fair concludes

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The school's vision is 'Together, we will be daring and robust learners.' This vision shapes the operation of the school. Currently North Parmelia PS has an enrolment of 306 students. North Parmelia PS follows the focus of the Classroom First Strategy which places the emphasis of learning on the interaction between the classroom teacher and the students. There are many programs in place to support this interaction including Friendly Schools Plus, a Sustainability Strategy, the concept of Good Standing, Crunch and Sip and a Learning Club. These programs are designed to support classroom teachers to engage the students and deliver a relevant and effective learning experience. The school is well resourced with two computing labs, interactive white boards in all learning areas, adequate reading, mathematics, science and sports resources and air conditioned classrooms throughout. The school is currently responding to an Expert Review Group report by developing a comprehensive School Improvement Plan. The Plan has been developed and will be implemented throughout 2016 and 2017.

North Parmelia PS has established excellent partnerships within the local community. The school is situated in Kwinana and is well supported by the City Of Kwinana. This interaction occurs through programs such as the LYRIK Awards and participation in local land care activities. Woolworths sponsors the Crunch and Sip program through the donation of fruit and Foodbank supports the Breakfast Club, which occurs on Thursday mornings. The Smith Family supports a Learning Club in the school. NPPS is fortunate to have a number of long serving volunteers that provide invaluable support in the school.

The P and C is an important supporter of the school. The P and C runs fund raising events that support the Mathletics Program and a Hip Hop Dance Program. The P and C administers a School Banking Program. The P and C supports the school through the provision of special lunches three times a term.

An exciting new partnership has been forged with the WA Symphony Orchestra and North Parmelia PS called Crescendo. Inspired by the El Sistema program, which operates in South America, this program commences with voice and then develops to the teaching of instruments, with the aim of developing the child's potential generally and in relation to music specifically.

The staff members of North Parmelia PS are the school's strength. They have been stable for some time and reveal a strong commitment to the school and the students. High levels of collaboration are evident. They reveal the capacity to develop engaging programs that ensure solid learning takes place. They interact with the students, their colleagues and the school community in a caring manner, which ensures that the individual needs of students are catered for. Staff members reveal a broad range of skills and interests, whilst specialist areas include Art and Physical Education.