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28293031Interschool Athletics Carnival1Interschool Athletics Carnival23
4PP - Year 6 Swimming Lessons commence5Assembly PP1 & PP2678910
11Year 5 Speeches for Councillor or Faction Captain12131415PP - Year 6 Swimming Lessons - last day1617
181920Perth Symphony Orchestra Perform 11am21Pirate Party by Invite 9am22WASO Crescendo Concert 9am / Careers Expo Room 13 & 14 students2324
25262728Dancathon 12.15pm29301

Nov 01

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Nov 02

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Nov 05

PP - Year 6 Swimming Lessons commence

Nov 06

Assembly PP1 & PP2

Nov 12

Year 5 Speeches for Councillor or Faction Captain

Nov 16

PP - Year 6 Swimming Lessons - last day

Nov 21

Perth Symphony Orchestra Perform 11am

Nov 22

Pirate Party by Invite 9am

Nov 23

WASO Crescendo Concert 9am

Nov 23

Careers Expo Room 13 & 14 students

Nov 29

Dancathon 12.15pm

Dec 06

Friendly Kids Lunch by invite

Dec 07

Xmas Assembly & Book Prize Awards

Dec 07

Parent Thank You Morning Tea

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Last Updated: 22/03/2016



Tiqbiz is an app for smartphones and tablets.

Download the app and you will be kept up to date with events at your child's school.

Did you know that you can register your child's absence using Tiqbiz?

Visit the Tiqbiz website or the Deputy's Office for more information.

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