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Life Education Van - All Week

Mar 06

Life Education Van - All Week

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Year 6 School Camp

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Life Education Van - All Week

Last Updated: 27/02/2018



The Life Education Van is returning to

North Parmelia Primary School.

6 – 9 March, 2018.

      Harold and his friends are retuning to visit the school next week.

The cost of this in-school visit has been heavily subsidised by Alcoa

and North Parmelia Primary School. 

The cost of this visit will be:
                                $1.00 for Kindy students,
                                $2.00 for Pre Primary students
                                $3.00 for students in Years 1 – 6.

 Please pay this amount to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.


Please read the parent note below for further information.

Life Education Parent Note

Open Van Invitation

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