Principal’s Message

North Parmelia Primary School is situated in the north-east corner of the City of Kwinana, some 800 metres from the Kwinana Railway Station.  The current enrolment is 306 students.  The community is diverse in nature, with families from many cultures and backgrounds.  What is common is the community focus on the well-being of their children and their support for the school.  The school’s vision is “Together we will be DARING and ROBUST learners”, and the school motto is “TRUST, LEARN, ACHIEVE”.  These affirmations direct all activities in the school and emphasise the strong commitment the school has to the well-being and academic success of all students.

In recent times, over the past 5 years, the school has achieved the most positive results it has attained in living memory.  These results have been achieved on a range of measures including NAPLAN, measures of socio-emotional and behavioural well-being and a range of school surveys.  North Parmelia PS is demonstrably a very successful school.  This success can be attributed to the highly professional, committed and stable staff, the excellent levels of resourcing and the commitment of staff to a common curriculum approach that is being implemented from Kindergarten to Year 6.  This approach is a mix of structured learning experiences and highly motivational engagement programs.

The school has strong internal partnerships with the school community and in particular the Parent and Citizens Association (P&C), which is highly supportive of the school and which works hard improving the atmosphere within the school, as well as contributing to school improvement through fund raising and facilities improvement programs.

The school has excellent external partnerships with the City of Kwinana, Smith Family, Institute for Indigenous Well-Being and Sport, local business such as TRONOX and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).  WASO deliver a program at the school entitled Crescendo.  This is a dynamic, comprehensive music program that commences in pre-primary and continues to Year 6.  The students engage in structured music instruction with highly effective teaching artists.  They are also instructed in ‘strings’ and perform in a violin ensemble.  The interaction with WASO goes further as the students are exposed to all levels of the orchestra through school visits and excursions.  Crescendo complements the school’s programs, whilst its existence in the school has contributed to the enhanced school results.

The school also has a strong emphasis on physical education, visual arts and “science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM)”.  North Parmelia PS also maintains strong partnerships with other Kwinana schools.  These partnerships include a range of activities including sport, professional learning and the Arts.

Peter Elsegood