Application for Enrolment

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at NPPS.  Parents/Guardians seeking to enrol their child/children will need to complete an Application for Enrolment for each child.

North Parmelia Primary is a local—intake primary school.  Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Schools declared as a local—intake in the Government Gazette have a designated geographical area from which the school enrolment applications are accepted.

All compulsory Pre Primary to Year 6 children who live within the North Parmelia local—intake area are guaranteed enrolment.  Kindergarten enrolment is subject to availability at the time of enrolment.  

For information on whether you are within North Parmelia Primary’s local—intake boundary please call the school on 6173 8500 or email

When Can I Start School

To find out when your child should start school visit the Department of Education website or view and download a school age chart.

There are 2 steps to the Enrolment Process.

Step One

Application for Enrolment is to be completed and forwarded to the school office along with copies of the requested documentation. Please be aware that Applications will not be accepted without the following documentation.

a.  Original Student’s Birth Certificate.  (If both parents are born Overseas, documentation of one parent having Australian Citizenship is required)

b.  Student’s Immunisation History which must come from the Australian Immunisation Registry accessed via 

  • Medicare on line—Australian Immunisation Register via MyGov website, 
  • Australian Immunisation Register enquiries line—1800 653 809
  • Using the Express Plus Medicare App.
  • Kwinana Community Health Centre (maybe able to assist some clients)

c. Proof of address/residence examples are:  Purchase/Rental Agreement, drivers licence, utility bill not more than 3 months old.  (Rental Agreement must be from a registered Real Estate Agent).

d. Current Family Court Orders/Papers if applicable.

e. Overseas or non Australian Residents please see the Application Form for added documentation as Travel Documents including Visa information will be required.

We advise if it is found that misleading information has been given to apply to the school the application can or will be declined.

Further information can be found on the Application Part A form.

Step Two—Enrolment Form 

Once you have been advised the Application—Part A has been accepted an Enrolment Form—Part B will need to be completed to finalise the enrolment process.