School Hours

Hours of Instruction

8.30am—2.45pm (Daily) Pre Primary to Year 6

8.30am—2.45pm (Daily) Monday, Tuesday & Alternate Wednesdays—Kindy A

8.30am—2.45pm (Daily) Thursday, Friday & Alternate Wednesdays—Kindy B

Daily Breakdown


8.30am—10.30am Session 1

10.30am—11.00am Morning Recess

11.00am—1.00pm Session 2

1.00pm—1.30pm Lunch

1.35pm—2.45pm Session 3

Parents are asked to ensure that children do not arrive at school before 8.15am as supervision cannot be guaranteed, classroom doors are opened at 8.30am.  Parents are asked to ensure that children have been picked up or have left the school grounds promptly after school unless special arrangements have been made with teachers or Administration.