Kindergarten Enrolments

Kindergarten Enrolments  are now open for  2023. 

Closing date Friday, 22 July 2022. 

Applications for any new students PP—Year 6 are also open. 

Applications and information can be found in the enrolment section or call into the School Office to collect an Application.

Hero Hunter Day

Thank you to the school community for your ongoing support in our various programs this year. We raised $336 for childhood cancer and honoured the memory of Hunter Madden who tragically passed away from cancer on September, 22nd 2021. He was a good friend to one of our students at North Parmelia. 

The students and staff dressed up as their superhero and the leaders read an educational book over the PA describing childhood cancer in a child in a friendly way. The book is titled “Hero Hunter and the Wonky White Cells” by Sarah Stanley. The book describes Hunter’s journey from his diagnosis to his treatment and is written for children. 

Hero Hunter was such a brave boy and is an inspiration to all.

Partnerships and Relationships

Dear Parents and Caregivers

At North Parmelia PS we are very fortunate to benefit from a range of partnerships and relationships with the local community. These relationships include a long running partnership with the City of Kwinana which provides the school with significant support. The school community will be familiar with the Crescendo program that operates in the school as a result of the support of the WA Symphony Orchestra. This music program has been an important contributor to the significantly improved academic results now apparent at North Parmelia PS, through the music lessons, the orchestra performances and the violin program. The Smith Family has also made an important contribution to the enhanced academic results through their sponsorship program, Learning for Life, as well as the Learning Club and other targeted programs. The Institute of Indigenous Well Being and Sport has been providing support to indigenous students since 2020. The partnership with Tronox, a company that operates on the Kwinana Strip is continuing in 2022. Tronox is supporting the school’s Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM) program through financial support, support for excursions and providing incentives for students to strive to achieve their best results. The school also benefits from a sensational P and C and School Council. These organisations work hard to improve the tone in the school, and similarly provide financial support that has greatly improved school facilities. Our Breakfast Club is supported by Foodbank.

North Parmelia PS is enriched through the relationships and partnerships that exist within the school and across the community. This level of support is indeed, greatly valued and appreciated.

The NAPLAN Practice Tests will be conducted on Thursday, 24th March 2022, with our Year 3 and Year 5 students. The practice tests are designed to prepare the students for the actual NAPLAN tests to be conducted from 10 May to 13 May 2022. Year 3 and Year 5 parents and carers will receive a comprehensive document containing information about NAPLAN 2022.

The school continues to manage the COVID-19 situation. There has been some impact at the school but at this stage no students or staff have actually had the virus to the school’s knowledge. If this were to occur the students effected would be notified and asked to isolate for 7 days. Parents and carers will be notified via a text where they will be directed to an informative email, which will describe the course of action the school and families should take. Parents and carers are asked to continue to maintain COVID-Safe practices including mask wearing, social distancing, limiting interaction in the school, and seeking medical advice if their child experiences flu-like symptoms. Students from Year 3 to Year 6 are now required to wear a mask whilst indoors. Thank you for the support the school community has been showing regarding this situation.

Peter Elsegood