School Mural

Thanks to the generosity of the P and C a giant mural is in the final stages of being created for the 50th anniversary of the school. To celebrate the locality of the school in its beautiful bushland setting, the Relationships Committee organized an environmental artist, Brenton See to create a visual 50th anniversary mural depicting birds and flora.

The outgoing anniversary year students (the Year 6s) and the incoming students and Parents (Kindy) along with the P and C and staff, voted on their favourite local birds. The black cockatoo came in top honours closely followed by the Pink and Grey Galah, Willie Wagtail and Australian Ring Neck.

Brenton suggested going with the Australian Ring Neck as a brightly coloured bird would stand out better. Brenton came up with the concept drawing and we are looking forward to this anniversary gift being created in time for the 50th festival on the side of the shed opposite the Art Room.

Students will be able to watch and ask questions over the two days it will take to create, starting on Monday 15th November.