At North Parmelia PS a blend of programs and apparent that both provide a structured learning experience for the students with a focus on developing essential skills and understandings in core learning areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, Science and HASS and also programs that provide for student engagement and a multiple intelligence experience for the students.  These programs are outlined below:


This incredible program is delivered in the school by the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra.  It commenced in 2014 with Pre-Primary students and has now progressed to Year 6 students.  The program the teaching of singing and has now progressed to the teaching of violin as well.  It is based on the El Sistema Program that operates in Venezuela.  The program has been a significant teaching, motivational and learning experience for the students and the entire North Parmelia PS community.

Smith Family

The Smith Family has an effective support role in the school.  A significant number students at North Parmelia PS receive Smith Family sponsorships called Learning for Life.  Students can also participate in a range of home support programs.  In Term 4, 2020 the Smith Family delivered the Future Jobseeker Program to students in Year 5 and this program will continue for 2021.

Food Bank and Breakfast Club

The school operates a Breakfast Club one day per week and a significant proportion of the food is supplied by Food Bank.  Records of attendance at the School Breakfast Club have been kept since June 2009 when Red Cross became involved with donations of foodstuffs and appliances to the school.  It actually began a couple of years before when students attending cross country training before school and required breakfast which the school provided.  Food Bank now provides most of the requirements needed and the school the rest.  School Breakfast Club also incorporates events such as – Walk to School Day, BHP Big Breakfast and Multi-Cultural Day etc.  The average attendance is 15% – 16% of the student population.  Parents, caregivers and young siblings are encouraged to attend with the lure of tea/coffee and breakfast as an incentive.  A group of willing staff volunteers keep the running of Schools Breakfast Club to a premium and the atmosphere is a happy and friendly environment.

Hip Hop

For many years now a Hip Hop program has operated in the school.  This has been highly motivational and engaging.  The progress the students have made in the area of dance has been significant.  The Hip Hop program complements the other creative programs in the school including Visual Arts, and the Crescendo Program, as well as complementing the Physical Education Program.

Crunch and Sip

The school incorporates Crunch and Sip into the daily program to encourage healthy eating. Children can have their water bottles on their desk and are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or vegies for their crunch and sip.  This program commences when children start in Kindergarten.

Institute of Indigenous Well – Being and Sport

The Institute commenced working in the school in 2020.  The program being implemented is called the Young Achiever Club.  Students are taught about Noongar Culture and once again cultural perspectives, improved relationships and an enhanced sense of well-being are the objectives of the program.