The Sustainability Program permeates all areas of the school.  Sustainability is an important part of classroom programs and is also evident in programs such as the Recycling Program.  The Sustainability program encourages community participation and provides leadership opportunities for upper primary students.  Recycling operates throughout the school and there are a number of gardens apparent in various areas of the school.  The Sustainability Program provides a very positive focus within the school.

Battery Collection in Room 6

Please send all your used batteries to Room 6.  The batteries are then recycled rather than being sent to landfill where chemicals can leach into the soil and groundwater.

Paper Recycling

On Thursday mornings, the students from Room 15 collect the paper for recycling.  Manufacturing paper and cardboard products from recycled material not only conserves trees, it also uses up to 50% less energy and 90% less water than making them from raw materials.  It also cuts down on waste going to landfill.

Cartons for Cash

The students from Room 15 collect the used drinking containers from the school community which is exchanged for cash when recycled.  The profits go to the P&C association.

Yellow Topped Bin Recycling

We have Recycling stations in the Staff room, Breakfast Club Room, Canteen and Admin Office for recycling of used packaging in an effort to divert this waste from landfill.

Composting/Worm Farm

The students at North Parmelia Primary school compost their food scraps from recess and lunch in composting buckets.  The buckets are collected and fed to the worm or composting farms.  This compost is then used in the school gardens.